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Search our online database for FREE and find out how much you are owed for unclaimed money by the state or federal government. Look for missing funds, lost inheritance payouts, overpaid taxes and unclaimed assets at MoneySearch.

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If you've ever changed your home address or changed jobs, then there is a good chance that you may have missed out on commission checks, overpaid tax rebates and other sources of money or assets. Our database contains all of the current state treasury assets and funds that are available and are listed by first and last name.

If you have moved to a new address than you may have missed investment dividend checks, inheritance from an extended family member or other unclaimed fund or uncashed checks that were returned to the state treasury. Just enter your name and we will check all of the state treasury departments for any funds that are listed in your name. It is a great feeling to get unexpected money or checks in the mail.

When certain assets, commission checks, paychecks, tax returns, interest payments and investment payouts are left uncashed or abandoned, then these checks will be sent to your state treasury and will remain there until you request a pay out from the state.

We will contact your state treasury and request that they provide a list of all the assets that they are holding for you. The government will only hold onto your money for so long, so make sure you claim it before they keep it for themselves.

Some of the most common categories of funds that are ready to be claimed are closed investment funds, closed savings account funds, safe deposit boxes, bond and dividend payments. You can search and see if you are owed for any uncashed checks that were made out to you, paychecks, insurance payouts, returned water and power deposits and rebate checks. Don't miss out on money that is owed to you with our free money search.



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